Answer Key of AFCAT 1- 23 Feb 2014 Question Paper Solution Download

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Download Air Force Common Admission Test Question Paper Solution & Answer Sheet of Paper Held on 23rd February 2014- Section wise question paper analysis with correct answers in detail.

New Delhi, Dated- 23/02/2014, Indian Air Force has successfully conducted the most popular examination of Indian defence industry, Yes! We are talking about the AFCAT formally known as Air Force Common Admission Test 1- the following examination admits successful candidates in various technical & non-technical job profile trainings.
A big number of applicants participated for this exam from all over the country are now looking for exact question paper copy and correct answer sheet, as we all know that the official AFCAT answer keys will be released only after official release that usually occur on a gap of 30 to 40 days from the exam date, usually in most cases Air Forces release it AFCAT result announcement.
So now at this stage all of us want to reveal the question paper solution of AFCAT-1 Exam 2014 anyhow, so to help our readers and all Air Force Common Admission Test participants I made this post, this article will share most of the questions that came in today’s AFCAT 1 Examination with their solution.
Note: the below shared question paper is a memory based copy of today’s question paper of AFCAT, we are also sharing correct answer of all question section wise and we hope that you will add more questions in this article using the comment box to make this job complete.

AFCAT 1 2014 Question Paper with Answers

We have tried our best to dare well categorized and complete set of questions in each section of AFCAT 1 Question Paper with solution. Below is the random memory based questions are shared-
  • Name the legend who is known as “Napoleon of India” – Answer: Samudragupta
  • At which river bank Washington DC is? – Answer: Potomac
  • BRAHMOS is which sort of weapon? Answer- Supersonic Cruise Missile
  • Who is known as Grand Oldman in India? Answer- Dadabhai Naoroji
  • Find the wrong Pair in following- N. Korea-Jakarta, N. Korea- Seoul, Maldives- Male, Harare- Zimbabwe. Answer- N. Korea- Seoul
  • Solve the following problem- [69*69*69-65*65*65]/[ 69*69*69-65*65*65] Answer- 4
  • Which of following is not a gallantry award? Ans: Arjun
  • What will be the CODE of STUDENT if A=C, B=D, E=G? Answer- UVWFGPV
  • If a sum of amount multiply by 3 in 8 years, then how much time it will be in a sum of 20 years? Answer: 6
  • If a camp have emergency food for 31 days available for 200 soldiers, if at 27th day 120 soldiers left the camp then how many more days the meal will be available? Answer- 12 Days
  • If a person is calculating 900 Gms. As 1 KG then what will be his gain percentage on each KG?
  • If you have a number in that you first add 10 then multiply it by 7 then divide it by 5 n substract 5 from it and get 88 as final value the find the exact number?
  • State the name of longest bone in human body? Answer- Fermer
  • What is Kalhana’s rajatarangini? Ans- Kashmir
  • Nwhat is the name of river that has Baglihar Dam? Answer- Chenab
  • A,B,D,_,P… which letter will occur between G & P if we follow the same table? Answer- K
  • Founder of IISC Bangalore?
  • If we accelerate something then what will be the result? Answer- Increase in Speed
  • UN Peace messenger? Ams- Vijay Amritraj
  • Spell the word “Reminiscent” correctly
  • What we call the outer layer of SUN? Answer- Corona
  • Find the odd thing in following- Wheat, Rice, Gram, Mustard. Answer- Mustard
  • What we call an examination of illness through its symptoms and nature? Answer- Diagnosis
  • What is the synonyms of following words- Egregious & Transgressor
  • What was Indian Hockey Team position during Asia Cup 2013?
  • What is the right spelling of Manoeuvre
  • What we call a person who can use his both hands in any skill? Answer- Ambidextrous
  • Lord gen of India in 1857?
We are adding more questions in this article as soon as we are being updated by our readers, you can also help us by sharing question and there answer of AFCAT I 2014 held on 23.02.2014 in comment box.
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