How To Prepare For Competitive Exams Based on Multiple Choice Questions | Home Study- How to Guide Part II

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People who are preparing for various competitive examinations both at the state and at the national level know by this time that all of these examinations are held through multiple choice questions. 
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Almost all examinations for university entrances, semester mains or government jobs follow this pattern of evaluating candidates for its various advantages and benefits. However, this requires proper training and preparation.

Knowing the Exam Pattern

Whichever exam you are sitting for, it is essential to know the pattern of it beforehand. Since, objective type multiple choice questions require a lot of practice, it is better to get hold of mock test papers and solve them. These can also be done online as many sites offer free online testing schemes. This familiarity with the examination mode and pattern is very important for cracking any exam and is the first step towards exam preparation.
One must realize that studying for competitive examinations is very different from studying for a school or college level examination, where the question pattern is subjective. If the preparation is perfect then half the work is done there itself.

Some tips to prepare have been shared below:

  • Instead of learning concepts and arguments, emphasis is to be given on detailed factual knowledge like names, dates, events and so on. These small but important facts need to be memorized for a better score.
  • Since, a lot of questions are to be answered within a limited time; effort must be given to increase speed. This also has to go hand in hand with precision.
  • If studied in a group then it can help in various ways. Brainstorming sessions can dig out all possible questions from a particular topic.
  • There can be no alternative to practicing sample papers. The more this is done, the closer the person is towards success. Solving sample practice papers or mock test papers shall increase speed as well.
Most of these multiple choice questions are close ended questions. The answers are already provided and the candidate has to select the correct one only. These are often times tricky and the candidates’ aptitude and precision is what they test.

Some basic advice to the candidates would be:

  • Staying calm and composed is what is expected from the candidates. Anxiety is too kept at bay and only then can the exam be written efficiently.
  • It is advisable to read the questions more than once to grasp its meaning and understand what it actually wants. Oftentimes, the answers are pretty close and the student needs to be very careful while marking.
  • Getting hold of the right books is very important. There are many books that are available in the market but not all of them are equally helpful. Buying the right one is important.
From the above recommendations and advice one can get a broad sense of how to go about these examinations that are based on multiple choice questions. These shall aid aspirants to crack these examinations if followed diligently and practiced regularly.
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